Collaborative Care

The current healthcare system leaves many of those suffering stuck without proper treatment. With new options provided at Revitalist, relief may finally be possible.

Collaborative Care is a type of service for individuals seeking care to focus and improve their mental wellness.

They may be struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, an overall sense of not feeling mentally well, and looking for someone who can help improve their mental wellness journey by attending monthly telemedicine appointments.

Initial appointments with a medical provider last 60 minutes and will include an intake with the setting of goals and direction for improvement for symptoms. Labs, medications, and referrals may take place at the time of the consultation and, depending on your location, can be in-person or by telemedicine.

If appropriate, one of our life coaches will be assigned to each patient’s case to work in collaboration with the medical provider. The medical provider and life coach touch base routinely to identify the best routes and recommendations for care.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatric Medication Management is a type of appointment for individuals that are struggling with their mental health and are requesting a psychiatric provider to prescribe them medications to help improve their mental illness conditions.

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