What is Vitamin Therapy?

Vitamin Infusions
Our medical experts have carefully researched and designed IV vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte infusions to restore the body’s essential elements. While the absorption rate of oral vitamins is only near 40%, research shows that IV vitamins have a bioavailability of around 90%. Intravenous vitamin therapy is a good option for you if you have electrolyte imbalances or need extra hydration. Intravenous vitamin infusion appointments last 30 minutes to one hour, and your results will last 4-6 weeks. Relax and revitalize your health in our spa-like environment. Intravenous vitamin infusions are efficient, effective, and designed to optimize your health.

Vitamin Injections
In addition to IV infusions, Revitalist also offers a variety of vitamin injections. Vitamin injections are given intramuscularly, meaning they are injected into the muscle in either the arm or the buttocks and then absorbed into your bloodstream. Since injections are given into the muscle rather than the vein, the vitamins are absorbed more slowly, so you may not feel results as quickly. However, vitamin injections show longer-lasting efficacy than IV vitamin infusions. Your vitamin injection appointment can be completed in as little as five minutes, making this option perfect for busy schedules.

Vitamin Infusions at Revitalist Louisville

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Optimize Your Daily Nutrition

Revitalist’s clinicians formulated vitamin and supplements blend is perfect for optimizing your daily nutrition. Avoid that in-between infusions slump with Vital+ AM, designed to perk you up and keep you going throughout the day. Then get ready to relax and refresh yourself with Vital+ PM, a proprietary pre-sleep blend of nutrients that will help you get the sleep you need to feel fully revitalized.

Groups and Weddings

Revitalist’s team of medical professionals are excited to offer their expertise in anesthesia to group settings of your choice. A group minimum of five participants is required.

This experience includes a consultation with a nurse anesthesiologist, a recommendation for your wellness goals, numbing medicine prior to the start of an IV insertion, top-of-the-line vitamin supplements, hydration, and more. This experience is a great addition to wedding parties, business meetings, friendly get-togethers, and other gatherings.

Available Vitamin Injections

A faster route and longer-lasting treatment method for busy schedules

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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble nutrient in the body that is obtained through sun exposure and dietary consumption. Treatment of vitamin D deficiency is important for bone, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and immune health. Recent studies also have shown vitamin D deficiency is common in individuals in people with depression. Common signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are fatigue, chronic illness, decreased mood, hair loss, and impaired wound healing.

Vitamin B12

Hydroxocobalamin is an injectable form of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 helps your body use fat and carbohydrates for energy and allows it the ability to generate new proteins at a greater rate. It is also important for healthy functioning blood, cells, and nerves. Most people get enough vitamin B12 in their diet, but a deficiency may occur in certain health conditions (e.g., poor nutrition, stomach/intestinal problems, infection, cancer). Serious vitamin B12 deficiency may result in anemia, stomach problems, and nerve damage.

Vitamin B Complex

Our Vitamin B complex injection is a powerful combination of Thiamine(B1) Riboflavin(B2), Niacin(B3), Pantothenic Acid(B5), and Pyridoxine(B6). Not everyone gets enough of the valuable B complex vitamins that the body needs to support essential functions through just diet alone.

B Complex offers a number of health benefits (especially in those who are deficient), including:

  • Boosting energy
  • Controlling food cravings to aid with weight loss
  • Combating stress & anxiety
  • Aiding with sleep
  • Promoting wound healing
  • Providing relief from canker sores & hives


CoQ10 (ubiquinone) is a natural antioxidant that assists muscles in energy production both during and after exercise. This antioxidant is beneficial for optimal cardiovascular health and circulation. Clinical studies reported supplementation of CoQ10 lowers blood pressure, improves muscle recovery after strenuous activity, and assists in collagen production among other benefits. Supplementation may lead to a younger, more youthful look.

Lipo-B injections (MIC)

Lipo-B injections (MIC) may help the body burn fat and retain fewer fat stores by accelerating the expulsion of fat from the liver. MIC has also been shown to help with the metabolization of fats and carbohydrates, increasing energy levels and helping you feel more invigorated. When used in conjunction with diet and exercise, MIC can be a powerful tool for weight loss.