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Revitalist is proud to have pioneered therapy coupled with ketamine infusions (ketamine-assisted psychotherapy) since 2018. Our therapy team has years of professional training and experience encompassing a generalized and specific approach for clients with varying backgrounds, environments, and experiences.

Revitalist’s team model was created by the nurse anesthesiologists and therapists to give an overall, holistic approach addressing the root cause of many mental health conditions allowing for a more direct approach with addressing the imbalances, thereby empowering clients to live a higher quality of life by building resiliency, gaining wisdom, and developing healthy coping mechanisms, to allow greater control and understanding of our mental wellness.

From Jeff, Director of Therapy Services:

Ketamine provides an opportunity to restructure and rewire your brain in order to form new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.”

At Revitalist, we provide professional, experienced counselors to help you navigate the process during your slow, low-dose Ketamine infusion treatments. Research indicates higher effectiveness of ketamine treatment when a counselor is used during the experience. With counseling, the client works through past and present experiences and lays plans for a hopeful and peaceful future.

Here's How It Works

Throughout our lives we collect mental and emotional wounds. Sometimes, we have the tools and resources to process and properly heal these wounds. Many times, we do not. We are left to move forward and survive, which involves maintaining relationships, getting food on the table, and moving forward with issues unaddressed.

When this happens, our ego steps in to protect us, which is fantastic in the short run. However, it is similar to putting a band-aid on a deep cut. Soon we find ourselves trapped in reactivity to small triggers related to past traumas.

Ketamine lifts this bandaid. Allowing us to properly air out, clean, and tend to these wounds. Layer by layer, the content that is ready to be healed will come to the surface.

This Is Where a Counselor Comes In

Layer by layer the content continues to surface, sometimes in confusing and anxiety provoking ways. It is reassuring to have a professional present familiar with the ketamine process and experienced with treating these wounds.

It is important to trust the process, knowing whatever comes up is exactly what needs to be addressed. However, when you are on ketamine, your ego will be taking a rest, so you will feel less in control. Like a river guide, counselors help you navigate these flowing, sometimes tumultuous, waters.

Clients feel grounded by the professional experienced guide. Grounding tells your mind and body that you are safe, we can dig in, we are ready and prepared to heal. This allows us to dig up the root of the problem addressing the tangle of symptoms and related issues all at once.

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